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I want you to walk away from this course with a huge smile on your face, knowing that you the course made a difference in your email marketing. 😉

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  • Yo! My name is Francisco Rosales

    My business is and my goal this year is to double my email list. 😉

    • Jessica

      By the way, Francisco, just had to reach out to you! I used to live in Whittier, on Comstock Ave. in Downtown. My husband and I grew up there, meet there, and married there. Now we live in Texas, been here for 10 years now. We just thought it was awesome to see what we have that in common!

      • Hey Jessica, sorry I just saw this comment.

        I actually live in Hacienda Heights, but I did live on Painter for a couple of years, right in front of Whittier College back in the day when I was single. Why did you move to Texas?

        • Jessica

          No problem, we all get busy. I have friends that live or lived in Hacienda Heights. Family. My extended family and I are originally from Texas, my parents moved to CA when I was a year old. Then eventually, everyone moved back to Texas. My husband visits CA see his family every year.

          Anyways, looking forward to learning more with Rock the In Box! I just launched my site and have an email campaign set up. But it is all new to me with doing work on my own site and marketing at

  • Hi everyone & Francisco, I’m Shannon Elhart. Francisco, this is a super cool idea – I love that you care about what each of our businesses is about, and that you want us to succeed – thank you.

    I teach midlife women how to find the hidden gifts in their midlife journey. However, I define midlife like this – the time between living unconsciously and consciously which can happen around 40ish or at a younger or more mature age. My work is very spiritually based. I’m an author (first book publ by Balboa this summer – it’s about transformational gratitude), speaker, teacher, and I’m passionate about helping people live happier lives.

    I’m taking this course for many reasons and building my list is the least important right now. I want to engage better with my following (consistently (frequency and message) and in meaningful ways), and I want higher open and click rates. I also want to be wiser overall with how I can get the people who are interested in my work to become paying clients. My signature program is a digital course (like Rock the Inbox), so I can market it worldwide… but I need to learn how to do more than market… I need to SELL. Here’s my site: Thanks again, Francisco… I’m looking forward to this!

  • Joel Mark Harris

    Hi my name is Joel Mark Harris. I’m a writer and filmmaker. I’m creating a course to help artists sell their stuff. My website is My goal is to get up to 10,000 subscribers!

  • Jessica Boschen

    I’m Jessica. I sell educational resources through Teachers Pay Teachers and blog at What I Have Learned. My target audience is elementary teachers, really second and third grade teachers. My web site is I’m satisfied with the number of subscribers I’m getting per day and my goal is to develop the follow-up emails and learn to send broadcast emails on a regular timetable.

  • Hi All, My name is Julie Johnson. I’m in the SF Bay Area and I’m trying to get a parent education/support business off the ground. My website is and there are so many things I look forward to learning about email marketing. I’d like to grow my list–I have about 120 people on it right now. I’d like to develop a nice strategy for consistent contact with folks–I still struggle a little with what to say and send. I’d like to get the folks on my list to be paying clients, etc. Currently, most of my work is in-person. I’d like to move my business more online and over the phone (skype) with coaching and classes. Looking forward to learning as much as I can about the world of email!

  • Hi, I’m Wolfgang. I’m living in Austria (Europe 😉 and I’m a writer. I’m working on 3 different projects at the moment, which will all launch in the next 3 months (hopefully!). They are about paperwork and bureaucracy for solopreneurs and digital nomads in the german area, one is in the property field and the third is about education hacking and self-development.
    I believe in e-mail marketing as one of the most powerful marketing tools available. There are very less resources in the german field and I wanna do it the right way just from the beginning! I’m looking forward to the course! Great to be here with you inspiring guys!

  • My name is Rebecca, and I run a small business focused on providing teachers with high quality teaching resources, suggestions, and advice to make being in the classroom less stressful and all consuming. Up to this point I have been relying on Pinterest and my blog ( to drive traffic to my store ( My goal is to build my email list from its current 311 to over 5000 in order to have more control of the messages my buyers are receiving.

  • Lucy Jane Davies

    Hi everyone! My name is Lucy and I live in the UK, in the north of England. I run “The Community Builder”, helping business owners to build strong communities around their businesses. My website at is still pretty new and evolving.

    My goal for this year is to build my email list to over 1000 but my main goal for this course is to establish a proper routine for keeping in touch with my list and get in the habit of tracking statistics so I know what is working and what isn’t.

    I’m very excited to be here because this looks like it’s going to be a great course Francisco 🙂

  • Kalyani Deshpande

    Hi all! My name is Kalyani and I work for a startup in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’re just now moving out of stealth mode with our product, a shopping app called Chime. Our goal is to use email marketing to engage with our early access users. Our website is: It’s great to meet everyone!

  • Jessica

    Hi, I just got started with Module 1 today! My name is Jessica Hernandez, I’m a partner in an Internet Marketing consulting agency. But here I ventured on my own as a Network Marketing Coach, providing training for the Network Marketing industry. My goal is to set up my campaigns the right way the first time and convert my traffic (people who want to work with me). My website is, it’s pretty new so I’m at the beginning (launch) stage.

  • Janet Schmieder

    Hello from Louisiana! I am Janet Schmieder. I serve as the Admissions Counselor for Baton Rouge Lutheran School, a small Preschool-8th grade co-ed school. Handling both admissions and development work for the school means that I need to extend that first contact (by e-mail or website) into actions that produce results! My goal is to upgrade our websites and e-mail communications in ways that will appeal to all types of interested parties. Our public site is and, while the site has existed for a while, I want to continue to add new features that make the “right” impression.

  • Lisa Visbeen Lehmann

    Hey everyone my name is Lisa Lehmann! I’m a goldsmith, jewelry artist…basically I play with fire for a living 🙂

    I have doing this business for a long time, but I feel like I’m stuck. I need a better conversion rate. So my goal for this course is to learn to write better emails that are opened and action is taken. I’m excited to get started! My website it

  • Hi, I am Julian and I am a Social Media Manager freelance. I have just started a blog so I need to learn how email marketing works in order to get leads and build an email list. My site is
    Great to be here!

    • Hey Julián, nice to have you here. If you even need to ask something in Spanish, feel free to do so, that’s actually my first language.

  • Vlad Bodi

    Hi, I am Vlad and I am a partner at Emerge Studio, a marketing agency. I am here to understand and learn best practices in email marketing. Website is

  • Hi Francisco – I am Nick and I run a small marketing/booking agency for Holiday Homes in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. I have been doing this for several years but never had the time to manage an email program. I would like to put out a newsletter – once every 2 months to start and then maybe once a month. The purpose would be for useful information and for short term offers. When we get cancellations, we usually have only a short time in which to re-sell so we discount. I have a lot of email addresses from past customers which I have never used for this purpose. I realise that I am going to have to get permission again but I do not see that as a problem.
    Website is

  • Hey everyone, I’m Jonelle. My business name is Low Cut Media, but I have no website for that business yet. 🙂 Up until recently i was working as a singer/songwriter (find me at Now I am transitioning into the role of social media / branding consultant and this course is part of improving my overall skills – many of which i used continuously as a musician. I have also taken Francisco’s Facebook Ads course. I speak Spanish fluently, along with some Brazilian Portuguese, and am learning German (i live in Berlin, Germany). I’m an avid photographer, image editor, content creator, copywriter / writer and would like – in addition to providing these skills as services to others – to use them to develop a new art-based business for myself. Thx!

  • Bettina

    Hello everybody. My name is Bettina and I am a real estate advisor and broker. I and my partner have a real estate company in Costa Rica and we sell properties to local and international clients. This is the link to our website: I am taking this course to better understand how we can grow our business through mailing and gather more leads/clients from various countries. Launching a newsletter is also something we want to do in the near future.

    I am excited to take this course with you.

    • Welcome Bettina! I was in Costa Rica last year and I loved it.

      • Bettina

        Hello Francisco, the course is really good. Due to some unfortunate and fortunate happenings, I am way behind with the lessons. I am sorry for this. Can I still send questions to you about the earlier lessons while I am moving ahead?

        • Bettina,

          First of all, I hope everything is okay. And, there is nothing to be sorry about.

          Second, you have lifetime access to the course so you can take it at your convenience and at your own pace. You can ask questions at any time.

          • Bettina

            Thank you Francisco. This is very much appreciated, because there will definitely be some questions.

  • Carol Wu

    Hi there, my name is Carol and I’m the marketing manager at Bundle Monster ( We are an e-commerce that specialize in nail art, beauty, and fashion accessories. My goal is to grow our existing mailing list as well as getting better engagement on our existing list.

  • Deb Panish

    Hi. I’m a late starter here. My name is Deb. I have an on-line Etsy store. I sell beads. I designed jewelry and sold that for many years but got pretty burned out so this was the next step. I have a landing page. but the real store is I have a mailing list of about 25000. My open rate, at least as far as Constant Contact says, is above average. I simply want to grow my business. Find other ways to get people to join my list and to have those people purchase from my shop. I don’t like to bother people and so I am afraid to send e-mails too often. I do about one per month. It’s always concerning a sale. It would be great to have other reasons to e-mail and to engage my customers.
    I live in beautiful Portland Maine.

  • Hello to everybody! My name is Gleb. Just returned after two months trip to Panama and Costa Rica, so could'[t join before. Im from Moscow, but lived at Ecuador past years. I developed now a number of projects and of course communication with clients is important to me. First one is a tourist project, my Web site (yet under construction) is, and main purpose is to have a clients (primary at russian market) for travels in South, Central America and Carribean countries where I traveled a lot and know almost each one. The second project I just start to develop is real estate company which going to sell property in Ecuador, and will be oriented more on US market. My primary task to make a list of clients who could be interested in service offered. So hope this course will be helpful for me, going to study previous lessons.

  • Natalie Ring

    Hi, my name is Natalie, and I am sales & marketing manager for a New Zealand tertiary level identification and student discount service. The main reason for taking this course is get obtain an advanced level of understanding in email marketing, increase engagement (and open rates), and setting up triggered emails to our four key communication segments. website is, which is in final stages of an upgrade.

    • Hi Natalie! Welcome to the course, and thanks for sharing your goal. Please let me know if you have any questions as you advance in the course.

      • Natalie Ring

        Thanks Francisco, I’ll be sure to follow up with questions as I make progress through the course.

  • khalilelkouhen

    My name is Khalil El Kouhen and I am the founder of a redditish clone focused on Morocco : I’m still learning the ropes and trying to get to a critical mass and one of the tools getting there will be email. Still not selling anything but will be in the next year or so. I have just launched our newsletter 3 weeks ago, so it is very small (165) and growth will be a key interest. Another interest will be segmentation. Oh! If I’m here it’s because of consistently excellent content written by Francisco Rosales.

    • Thanks Khalil, I appreciate that. I hope I can add some value here too. =)

  • I just posted my Introduction BUT I don’t see it here. What happened to it? Do I need to repost it?

  • I posted my Introduction twice & both times it was deleted. I think the reason was because it contained 2 Links.

    So, I’m going to enter it again with only one Link.

    OK, here it is again. I hope it is not duplicated.

    “Howdy Y’all” (that’s how we talk in the country of Texas)

    I am known as ‘Wally Wiki’ & am from the Dallas, Tx area.

    I’m rather new to all this Internet Stuff.

    My mission is to help the 97% that fail with Internet-Business-Success.

    I’m in the process of building a website at:

    I joined this course to help convert some of the ‘UNKNOWNS’ into ‘KNOWNS’.

    I’m looking forward to interacting with Y’all.

    Lets ‘Rock-The-Inboxes’ and all the others ‘Boxes’.

    Get in touch with me & lets chat.

    Wally Wiki

    • Hey Wally Wiki, I’m glad you decided to join the course. Not sure why your previous post was deleted but I’ll check it out.

      Welcome! =)

  • Antía Tlm

    Hi! I’m Antía, from Spain. I’m the founder of Clozzets, the website isn’t public yet ( I’m here because we need to improve in this area, to grow our mailing list and to achieve better engagement with our community.

    I also have two fashion blogs since 2008, and I think the newsletter would help me to have more traffic.

    • Perdona que escriba en español, pero me está dando error al entrar. Me pone que no hay ningún usuario registrado con mi email…

      • Hola Antía, no te preocupes por el español. Dime, no pudiste entrar a las lecciones? Que mensaje te sale? Porque al curso si pudiste entrar o no estarias aquí… Dame un poquito mas de detalles para poder ayudarte.

        Gracias. =)

        • Hola, pagué el curso y después puse los datos, con el nombre de usuario y el email (antiat/ Y automáticamente entró aquí. Pero si yo quiero hacer algo más ya no me deja, me dice que no hay ningún usuario registrado con ese email. Tampoco sé que pasa si salgo de esta página, porque creo que ya no podría volver a entrar.

  • Denise

    Hi! I am Denise, I am in Florida. I help businesses with their Online Marketing and I am now focused on the Spanish speaking market. I recently started growing my email list and would like to become better at building relationships and talking to my audience.

  • Hello @socialmouths:disqus!!!

    Looking forward to diving into your course. Bought the course for my team at so we could better understand and develop a email marketing strategy that could specifically address the varies types of audience we serve. Additionally, we’re looking for automation and segmentation suggestions and drip marketing advice.

    Thanks dude,


    • Hey Ryan, it’s awesome to see you here dude. Thanks for joining and let me know whatever you need. =)

    • Denise

      Hi Ryan
      I discovered your podcast last week because Donna Moritz directed me the interview you did with her. I truly enjoyed it!

      • Denise,

        Its great to meet you! Donna was an amazing guest. How are you enjoying this course so far?


        • Denise

          I am just getting started. I see I have a lot to learn!

  • Hey, Francisco, It is Michele Price. I want to grow a vibrant, profitable and BIG email list for my global business radio show . I’d like to have a list of 5,000 but the end of the year. Because I am looking to develop several products from our interviews and topics, I want to get really good at conversions. Thanks for being so friendly and getting to KNOW US!

  • Hi Francisco and everyone. I’m Denise Sonnenberg from Surf City aka Huntington Beach CA. I am a fundraiser for a community college. My emails need to bring in donations for scholarships. I have very little control over this web site right now. I’d like to hone my email skills so that I can move on to something where I do have a little more control over what the public sees of my messaging. So either corporate marketing or another non-profit. I need to be at the top of my game.
    I also have my own blog, but I haven’t done anything with it for a while. That should be changing soon, so I’ll add the URL,

    • Hey Denise, welcome and thanks for joining the course. I’m here if you have any questions.

      BTW, I love HB!

      • Thanks Francisco. LMK when you are in Socal. I’ll give you the insider’s tour of HB.

        • Hey Denise, I actually live here so I’ll stop by your house for coffee any of these days (Just kidding). =D

          • Well the offer for the tour still stands, so I can throw a cup of java in too.

  • Carrie Gilbertie

    Hello Francisco, I am Carrie Gilbertie from Westport Ct I am the general manager of Gilbertie’s Herb Gardens, a fourth generation family owned and operated garden center/ certified organic herb farm since 1922 I oversee all aspects of the business, including unloading trucks, planting, watering, customer service, and yes… the marketing. We currently have approx. 1000 emails on our list and I get about a 45-48% open and click thru rate which isn’t horrible but am striving higher. ( I have a very large snail mail list of over 6000 and have attempted to contact/change those customers to email ) I would also like to grow my list larger as well as increase business with how to create engaging email content. I wear a lot of hats around here but need to wear this one a lot more! Thanks and looking forward to this.

    • Hello Carrie! Believe me, I know a thing or two about wearing too many hats… we need to wear fewer ones, that’s for sure. In regards to your snail mail list, is there a way to track sales coming from that against your email list? Hey, maybe you get a nice number of sales that way and… why fix it if it ain’t broken!

      Welcome! I hope to know more about your business along the course.

  • Lauren Yeoman

    Hi Fancisco! I’m Lauren (Angela Jean) Yeoman – yeah, my folks went overboard when they came to dishing out my name, but at least I can’t get mixed up as anyone else – and I work for a start-up company called Jobzdojo (Jobz as in jobs, and dojo as in a place to master a discipline – so mastering the art of job search).

    At the moment it’s the philanthropic arm of CareerJunctionLtd ( an IT head hunting company) which is how we make our money, so our services at Jobzdojo are non-profit and mainly paid for by myself and my two colleagues. In a nutshell, we teach people how to get themselves a job abroad, and we’ve been doing this by holding workshops in person. Working in the job search industry in our day jobs has given us the skills we need to teach others how the systems work, and how the job search landscape is changing – especially with the 2030 skills shortage crisis looming. As migrants, we’ve been through the rollercoaster of immigrating and coming up against the ‘no visa no job’ front already. Fortunately, Jobzdojo has a solution for that which we’ve found works world wide, and we want to empower people to take control of their own job search, and ultimately their careers.

    We’re based in NZ, and we have two goals we’re reaching for at the moment: Goal 1 – build a learning platform where we can get our info out to everyone without having to rely solely on travelling to the countries to hold workshops; Goal 2 – monetise Jobzdojo so it can support itself and we can reach more people and keep doing what we’re doing (Because as I said earlier this is not our day job so there isn’t any cash available to get the resources we need!). I believe the answer to achieving both these goals is to have an email list which grows exponentially and keeps our subscribers engaged with genuinely useful content, resulting in a solid subscriber base where we can market our job search program and have social proof and in turn reach to the ends of the world 🙂

    Have a look at the links below to get a feel for who we are:

    Facebook page:




    I’m very excited to take part in this course, and looking forward to learning from your experience – thanks for making it available to us.

    • Great intro Lauren! I hope I the course can help achieve your goals. I’ll be here in case you have any questions.

  • Katie Miller

    I’m Katie with Rooomations: . We transform people’s homes with our virtual room makeover service. I am looking to convert more of our email subscribers into customers … and ideally in a more predictable and shorter time frame after initial sign-up.

    • Hello Katie, welcome to the course. =)

      I think I saw something similar on Shark Tank, is it possible?

      • Katie Miller

        Yes, its true – one of our competitors! It is a fresh space with lots of potential.

  • Leah Godden

    Hi! Leah here from Buzinga App Development – we develop apps for enterprises and startups with disruptive ideas. Content marketing is a massive part of how we generate leads, and we use email to send our blog posts to about 2500 subscribers. These are blogs on how to build startups as well as “how-to” type articles covering every aspect of the app development process.
    I’m hoping this course will show me how to increase the engagement we’re getting in our emails – not just the open rate (which is about 3%), but how we can drive people to our e-books, blog articles and to contact us to set up a meeting.
    Also getting more subscribers is always a bonus too!
    Looking forward to steadily working my way through all your content!

    • Welcome Leah! Thanks for joining the course! I remember doing a blog review for you.

      • Leah Godden

        That’s so great you remember, Logan says hi! Our blog is now one of the biggest in mobile development in the country, so thankyou!

  • Hi Fransico. My name is Debbie Bruce. I am a graphic designer and my company is Creative Sparx Design. I work along with a copywriter to develop brand strategies & in-bound marketing for small to medium sized businesses. I bought your “Rock the Inbox” program to get a more detailed understanding of how to better service my clients in their email marketing campaigns. Here is the link to my website: I have followed your social media posts for a while now and know I will learn a great deal from this course. Can’t wait to get started!

    • Welcome Debbie! Great to have you here and thanks for introducing yourself.

  • Hi Francisco. My name is Andre Mullen. I am a brand developer and my company is The Inaxxs Group. We have two “in-house” brands – and The Inaxxs Music Business Conference. is a digital Christian lifestyle brand where we curate content. The Inaxxs Music Business Conference is a music business conference where we encourage artists to attend, more specifically Christian artists. I bought “Rock the Inbox” to get a detailed and better understanding of creating, executing, and building email marketing campaigns for our brands and beyond. We have two sites: and I’m looking forward to learning a whole lot!

    • Welcome Andre, Welcome to the course. I’m looking forward to interacting more with you and answer whatever questions you might have. 😉

  • Mike Bailey

    Hi Francisco. I am Mike Bailey, Key Client Development Manager for Mainspring in Peterborough, UK. Mainspring provides a range of marketing services to the light and heavy rail industries. As we look to expand into new markets (geographic and by sector), we need to channel our varied experience and nail our email campaigns to drive high quality leads to our site, (redeveloped version due soon). Looking forward to it!

    • Hey Mike, thanks for joining the course. I’m looking forward to your questions!

  • Hi there! My name is Izabela, in my company we organize activities and parties for kids. For now we operate only in Poland, but for sure we want to grow and scale it. I just start my adventure with email marketing (nobody in my field use it, can you believe?!), so I build my list from scratch. I hope “Rock the Inbox” will help my learn it faster and without some big mistakes and problems. I just want to make it right, successfully and without struggle – I’m really hope I’m in right place! 🙂
    My website is still “work in progress”, but you can check it here: (for now is only in Polish). We have also an additional blog – birthday parties DIY (, we can use both this places to build our list. I’m looking forward to learn it and rock it! 🙂
    Have an outstanding day!

  • Hey there! My name is Chris and my new startup is an online business called SCIZOO ( We are attempting to sell really brilliant, mostly home-made or at least hand-made by previously underpriveleged people, products at reasonable prices. Our problem – how to create a good Email list – how to drive people on the list to our website and of course how to convert browsers into shoppers. I signed up for this course after watching a few intros from you and decided to jump in and give the course a go. Let’s do this! 😉

  • Tony Tandeski

    Hello, my name is Tony. I do SEO, analytics and email marketing at a digital agency called Happy Medium ( based in Des Moines, Iowa. My goal for this course is just to see if I can leverage any new tactics for increase engagement and subscriptions for several of our clients. Thanks!

  • Mikee HK

    Hey Francisco!

    I run a couple companies including a craft beer distribution company in the Mayan Riviera of Mexico, as well as manage all online sales and marketing for a yacht tour company in Mexico as well. My primary interest in the course, at least for now, is more for the yacht tours, but I could see it moving into our business-to-business dealings for beer and a couple other projects we have going on.


    Without using newsletters at all (it’s been a goal since before I took over managing the project and tour sales this past winter, but always seems to be put on hold while playing catch-up with the day to day tasks — I know, I know: excuses), we’ve been able to exceed even our own initial expectations with plenty of room to keep going, so I’m really hoping to dedicate some time and build a solid foundation for ongoing and automated email campaigns. I’ve had success with newsletters in the past, so with some real effort, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be able to match pace with all the other avenues we’re currently seeing returns from.

    • Hey Mikee, both businesses sound very exciting and site look great. I wanted to visit Playa del Carmen this summer but work got in the way. Next time, I guess…

      Hey, I’m here for whatever you need!

      • Let me know if you ever make it down. We’ll get you out on the yacht for a day and let you know all the good places to go for food, beer and everything in between!

  • Hi Francisco!

    Thanks for putting together this course! I’m a full-time fiction author and my list has been growing like crazy. I have better than average opens/clicks (according to Mailchimp) but I really want to take it to the next level. I’d like more engagement with my readers and I want to better optimize my emails, improve my autoresponder sequence, and have higher open/click rates. Judging by the modules, this course is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

    My site:

    • Welcome Stacy! I just visited your site, very cool. I’m very curious about how your sales work and how email can help, I hope I get to know more.

      I’m here if you have any questions. 😉

      • Thank you Francisco! My sales come from Amazon, Apple, B&N, etc. My email list allows me to directly alert readers of new releases. It also keeps them engaged when I share cover reveals, excerpts, have giveaways, etc. It’s a great way to stay on people’s radar and keep them excited about my upcoming books. I publish about a novel a month, so there is always something to share.

        • But, can people buy the books directly from your site? Or you always send them to Amazon, B&N, etc?

          • I send them to the retailers. They get free books by joining my newsletter.

  • Beth VanDyke

    Hi Francisco, I’m Beth VanDyke. My husband and I are an Indie book team. He writes science fiction, thrillers, P.I. mysteries and paranormal romance books. I help proofread/edit, format and upload his books, manage our website, manage our email list/newsletter and more. I also work with a nonprofit managing their website and would like to start an email list and newsletter for them as well.

    I’m taking this course because I know there are things I can learn to do better when dealing with email lists. I understand the basics but would like to learn a little bit more, especially about automation and how to better engage subscribers.

    Author website:
    Nonprofit website:

    • Welcome Beth! Very exciting, I hope to know more about how email is helping you now and how it improves along the course. Let me know if you have any questions.

      • Beth VanDyke

        Thanks, Francisco. There is so much to learn and we have not been utilizing our Google Analytics. Each new component (MailChimp, Google Analytics, etc.) has its own learning curve and can be overwhelming to get up and going. By starting with GA you are forcing me to go ahead and deal with something I was putting off but know I need to figure out how to use.

  • Hi Francisco!
    I’m Juan de las Carreras, from Argentina. I run the entire e-commerce buisness for two big fashion brands here in Argentina. Here are the links:


    My main goal for this course is to make the best out of my emails subscribers, increase the list with quality subscribers, engagement, and of course, make sales!! I use Mailchimp as my email provider. Looking forward to see all i can learn from here! Spanish is my main language, though english is ok for me.
    Thank you!

  • Lisa Walsh

    Hi Everyone!
    I’m Lisa from the UK. Our Business is aimed at women wanting to make life happen – we hold transformation programs, events, retreats and coaching sessions. My aim for this course is to grow our email list to 1000 subscribers (currently 280) and to increase our open rates (currently around 35%). Our Business launched in January 2015.
    Our website is:
    Excited to be joining the course and looking forward to seeing some great results 😉

  • Hi folks, I’m Nicholas! I’m an inbound marketing consultant from Boca Raton, Florida. Looking to take my email marketing skills to the next level. I’ve been telling myself that 2015 would be the year I really focus on list growth. It’s been a slow start, but I’m getting there! My site is Take care ya’ll.

    • Hey Nicholas, good to have you here! Just tweeted your last post.

  • Greetings Everyone! I’m Anita and I’m a food blogger and internet marketing consultant. My food blog is As a food blogger I want to move beyond recipe email subscriptions and explore how to build more of a brand, more of a relationship, and monetize my list without making it overly commercial. I’m also involved in putting on local food events and want to do a better job of leveraging them to build my list.