How to Track Conversion Rate on Google Analytics

In this lesson, we talk about setting up Google Analytics to track conversions on your website. I promised at the beginning of the course and I’m back, as theĀ gentleman that I am. šŸ˜‰

The goal

The goal is to track conversions from visitor to subscriber.

We are not tracking individual signup forms, we are just tracking conversions on your site in general.

The tools

You are going to need 3 things:

  1. Your “Success Page” URL
  2. Tell your ESP to send the traffic to this URL instead of their ugly generic success page
  3. Set up a “Goal” on Google Analytics

We go step by step in the above video.

Where are those conversions coming from?

One of the most frequent questions I get around this topic of conversion is: “How do we know where these conversions come from?”

It’s totally understood.

You’re probably working hard on social media and other marketing initiatives to bring traffic and you want to know if it’s worth it. What if you’re killing yourself trying to get more traffic from Twitter and turns out that specific traffic is not converting as high as other sources. Maybe the traffic coming from Facebook is converting better.

So, in this video I show you how to look at the number of conversion and even the conversion rate for each one of your traffic sources.


Let’s start tracking conversions:

  1. Get your “Success Page” URL. If you are using the generic page from your ESP, create a page on your site
  2. Go to your ESP and change the settings so the traffic is sent to your custom page
  3. Set up your “Goal” on Google Analytics
  4. If you had that success page already, see if you can track the conversions from the past 7 days
  5. Very important: Come back after a couple of days to make sure the goal is tracking (weird things can happen, I know…)