How to A/B Test your signup form to get more subscribers

The focus of this entire module has been on testing elements of your campaign, but that is not the only A/B testing you can do in email marketing.

In this lesson, we’ll talk about signup forms…

  • Why you need to split test them
  • What to test in your signup forms
  • How to set them up
  • And the tools you can use

Let’s get started!

Why you should test your signup forms

As in testing campaigns, you have 2 goals:

  • Improve performance
  • Learn what works

This is the same, but instead of running a subject line test to get higher open rates, you will be testing your signup forms to improve your conversion rate. In other words, to convert more visitors to subscribers.


When you are going to test a signup form, I want you to follow the same steps I gave you earlier in this module:

  1. Goal: To convert more subscribers
  2. Current situation: What is the current conversion rate of the form you want to test
  3. Hypothesis: You believe adding social proof to the form will help
  4. Pick your test: You’ll add the number of subscribers in your list (“Join more than 10,000 subscribers”)
  5. Set your metrics: Conversion from visitors to subscribers
  6. Set variants: Social proof vs. no social proof
  7. Run your test
  8. Final results: Conversion rate was improved by 2.3%
  9. What did you learn?

What to test in your signup forms

You probably remember the “Anatomy of the perfect signup form” lesson on module 1. We basically listed all the components you should include in your form to improve your conversion rate.

signup form

In your signup form, you can test any of these items:

  • Headline
  • Visuals
  • Benefits (or other copy)
  • Fields
  • Button
  • Social proof

But you can also use the test…

  • A freebie (You have 2 different ebooks)
  • The format (An email course vs. a PDF download)
  • Freebie or no freebie

How to set it up

In this video, we’ll use Bloom to set up a signup form test.

What tools to use

So, everything sound great, but you can’t split test a signup form just using WordPress. What do you need in order to test signup forms?

Here are a few options:

Landing pages

Landing page services offer A/B testing as one of their core features. You can simply create a variant of the page with a different version of your signup form.

Landing page test


Some of the more sophisticated opt-in plugins for WordPress also offer A/B testing.

OptinMonster A/B test

Content upgrades

LeadBoxes from LeadPages also feature A/B testing. We talked about content upgrades back in module 1.

Leadboxes test


Maybe running a split test on a signup form was not something you were expecting to do at this point, but if you want to improve your conversion rate, it is absolutely necessary to do it.

Before you start planning, you have to:

  1. Check if the platform you are using offers A/B testing, whether it is a plugin or something else
  2. If it is, look at the features included, that way you’ll know the possibilities (For example, with a plugin like Bloom, you can pretty much test anything you want)

Once you’re clear on that, follow your 10 steps to plan and execute a successful test.