Why You Need to be Mobile Right Now

So, you might be wondering why we starting the module like this, it’s not that I’m trying to convince you to make your campaigns mobile. It’s because I truly believe you need to understand where we stand today in this matter and what’s the impact of being mobile or not.

When it comes to mobile email, the most frequent question is usually: “When should we start thinking about mobile for our email campaigns?”

I’ll answer that: Yesterday.

Why? Okay, here goes…


Today, 53% of all emails are opened on a mobile environment. This is according to Litmus in an adjusted environment growth analysis.

  • 53% Mobile
  • 25% Webmail
  • 22% Desktop

Adjusted environment growth

Another thing to consider is the speed of the growth. Just in 2011, 8% of emails were opened on mobile devices, that number grew 500% in just 4 years.

Environment Growth

In other words, my dear friend, this means that if you’re not yet sending mobile-friendly email campaigns, around half of your list might be getting an email that is hard to read, doesn’t fit on the small screen or it simply looks broken.

Now, of course this number might be slightly different in your case. But, even if your number was 25% instead of 53%, wouldn’t you prefer to send an email campaign that was well received by 100% of your list?

That’s what I thought…

Smartphone uses

There is one more statistic I want to share with you. In this time when people spend most of the time looking at a tiny screen…

turns out they use smartphones to check email a lot more than they use it to check Facebook, play games, shop and even to make phone calls.

smartphone landscape

Today, you are delivering campaigns right into the hands of your subscribers. Literally! And this changes the game a little (or a lot).

So, what if my emails are not mobile-friendly?

What exactly are the consequences of having your subscriber open an email that is not mobile-optimized, on a smartphone?

In a recent survey conducted by Blue Hornet, participants were asked about their reaction after opening an email that doesn’t look good in a mobile device. Here is what they found:

  • 80.3% will only delete the message
  • But 30.2% will unsubscribe from the list

Unsubscribe?! that’s pretty drastic…

Both these numbers are showing dramatic increments from the previous year, the reason is that users are less tolerant to these things, they expect things to work on a mobile device as they do on the larger screen. In fact, only 13.5% said will still read it in the computer and 6.3% said they will read it anyways.

Mobile unsubscribes

To back this up, I looked at a different study, this one from Knotice, which says that 98% of email opens occurred on only one device. This means that if 51% of your subscribers are originally opening on mobile, the chances of opening again on a desktop are almost non existing.


Why are these numbers so dramatic? I can answer that with two words: User Experience.

Remember the first years of video on the web? it was horrible. It used to freeze every few seconds, audio and video were totally screwed up. But today, you expect to watch your favorite show online with the same quality as your HDTV, or you immediately close it.

People don’t care about the technology behind it or what you had to do to deliver it, they want a mobile experience, not an adaptation that kinda fits the screen.

The point is, we are no longer trying to have the mobile version get close to the desktop version. The mobile version just took the throne and is now the new boss. You should now expect better performance from the small screen.


Making an effort to adapt your emails for mobile just so they don’t get deleted by the majority of your subscribers is reason enough, right? But you also want to know if there are any indications that this might improve your current performance.

  • Litmus has seen 10% increase in click rates
  • CareerBuilder increased CTR by 20%
  • Crocs is seeing 8.82% higher engagement in mobile than the actual desktop version

What’s next?

I know all this stuff sounds a little overwhelming, on one hand you have those scary numbers and you don’t want to lose your subscribers, and on the other hand you’re thinking you’re gonna need a designer or a programmer.

But I promise you that, in this module, you’ll…

  • Learn only what you need to know (I’m not going to overwhelm you with complicated stuff you don’t need)
  • Learn how to make your emails mobile-friendly without the need to hire a designer or a programmer
  • Learn tips to optimize the mobile experience

I’m going to show you how to go Mobile without losing your shirt… and your mind!

Are you ready?