How are YOUR subscribers opening your emails?

One of the most important steps in email marketing is to get to know your subscribers as much as possible.

Email in that aspect can be a lot more limited than social media, where you can simply look at their profiles and learn more about your fans, depending of course on their privacy settings.

When it comes to the inbox, it’s important to at least know that, on the other side of the screen, your subscribers are able to view your campaign as it was intended.

Unfortunately in this case, we are not always certain of that because we all use different platforms. If you publish a post on Facebook, you know how it looks, when you publish a post on your blog, everybody will be looking at the same thing. But with email, one person might be using Gmail on desktop and the next is viewing your campaign on iPhone Mail.

Even when you’re able to see that kind of data, you won’t find a definite answer, the chances that all your subscribers use the same platform are just none. You’ll see a breakdown like this:

  • Gmail 25%
  • iPhone Mail 18%
  • Yahoo Mail 14%

Or you can see even more limited data like:

  • Desktop 60%
  • Mobile 40%

Your results might be completely different that mine, because chances are your target market is different too. If your prospect is more likely to be up to date with technology, you’ll see a higher percentage opening emails on mobile. If your target market is of a more advanced age, it might be a little lower.

But it’s still important to at least have an idea of how and where are your campaigns viewed, so can work on creating a better experience based on that.

Where to go?

So, where do you get this type of information? You have 2 options:

Your ESP

Some ESPs like provide this information as part of their list analytics. Others that are still living in the 90’s [cough]Aweber[/cough] don’t offer this.

Here are some example of how data will look in your ESP:


Mailchimp - opens by client


GetResponse - opens by client


Emma - opens by client

Email testing services

As you can see in the above images, your ESP data is not that detailed, but at least you get a good idea of how many of your subscribers are opening on mobile or desktop.

Litmus on the other hand, takes matter to the next level.

Litmus - opens by client

Litmus will not only tell you the client and the platform where your email was opened, it will even give you engagement reports based on that. Now you not only know where your email was open, but also how much time they spent, if it was glanced, skimmed or read by email client.

The reporting is so detailed, you can even see this data on individual subscribers.

Of course, Litmus is not free and starts at $79/month.


It’s pretty obvious, right?

First, you’ll have to find out if your ESP does have this type of information available to you. If they do, look at what percentage of your subscribers are opening on mobile and desktop, and if available, see the emails clients too.

Wanna share that with the rest of us? On the comments below, tell us the percentage of mobile opens. It’ll be interesting to see how it varies for different types of businesses.