How to set up an Autoresponder Sequence

In this lesson, we’ll cover the technical aspect of creating your sequence.

You went through the planning stage, you have the content ready to go and all that good stuff, now it’s time to head over to your ESP and put all the pieces together.

Let’s look at how to create the sequence in both Aweber and Mailchimp. The process is pretty much the same, but pay attention to the subtle time-savers in Mailchimp.

How to set up an Autoresponder Sequence on Aweber

And now, let’s build one in Mailchimp…

How to set up an Autoresponder Sequence on Mailchimp


Build your autoresponder sequence:

  1. Pull out your sequence map and spreadsheet so you can follow each step as planned
  2. Have all your content ready (I have a worksheet for you below)
  3. Create each email in your sequence
  4. Make sure triggers are in place
  5. Add yourself to the list so you can start getting the sequence, observe the experience as you get them in your inbox
  6. Make any adjustments needed

This worksheet is to help you bring all your content to one place, or to write right into it. Use this instead of writing right into your ESP’s email editor: Autoresponder Sequence Content.

You know what to do, make a copy (File > Make a Copy) to your own Google Drive, or simply download it to your computer (File > Download).