How to create segments in your list

We’ve been talking about the importance of segmentation, how it works, how to acquire and organize the necessary data and all those things, but I also wanted to include a technical lesson to simply show you how to create segments.

So, this lesson has 2 videos:

How to create segments on Aweber

How to create segments on Mailchimp


Now you know hot to put a segment together in your list. Don’t worry if you use another ESP, it will basically work the same way.

  1. Create your first segment
  2. Play with one piece of data or multiple
  3. Preview your segment to see if it’s the size you expected
  4. Make sure the data is accurate by going into the individual profiles
  • Hi Francisco, I have to questions:
    What is difference between opened and clicked based on the second menu on the video?
    I’m sending two campaigns (emails) offering a free webinar. Then, I’m sending two more campaigns (emails) as reminders ex. offer expires on.. the fourth is last chance for…
    Base on the video the segment should be campaign activity? The second menu would be opened?
    Thank you!

    • “Opened” means the people that opened the email and “Clicked” refers to clicks inside the email. If you select “opened” you’re not considering if the person took action.

      What I would do in this case is create a segment of the people that already registered to the webinar, that way you’re able to only send additional campaigns to the ones that didn’t.

      The reminders for the people that signed up are sent by GoToWebinar, if that’s the service you’re using.

      Does that make sense?