Email Marketing is about small wins

Email marketing is rarely just about promotional emails, unless you are Ikea and your subscribers signed up exclusively to get your catalogs and offers.

In your case, is most likely a process of lead nurturing, going through different types of campaigns between dropping a promotional campaign.

Small wins are smaller actions that keep your subscribers engaged. They are important for 2 main reasons:

  • Your subscribers get used to taking some kind of action
  • It’s a good thermometer to see how active your email list is

Here are some examples of small wins:

When people subscribe to the SocialMouths list, they get access to a free course about Facebook marketing, instead of just getting a plain welcome message, we do 2 things:

  1. I provide access to the first lesson of the course
  2. I ask a direct question: “What is your biggest struggle when it comes to marketing your business online?”

Welcome emailSmall win:

  • I get people to engage right from the start
  • I learn about who my subscribers are and where they stand at the moment (It has given me tons of insight to deliver better content)
  • It’s great for the health of the list

The main goal is for them to click and take the first lesson, but since they are already expecting that, the CTR is very high and the secondary goal (small win) doesn’t really interfere.

Another example from the same email sequence:

In the middle of the sequence, I ask them to take a quick survey to tell me what they think of the course so far, and if they have any thoughts on how to make it better.

Survey email from SocialMouths

Small win:

  • Again, I get people to engage, they’re getting used to take small actions, besides clicking through the lessons
  • I get valuable information about what they want to learn
  • The health of the list keeps improving

People seem to be okay taking a couple of minutes in exchange of the value of the free course. There are no attempts to sell anything.

Other examples of small wins:

  • Teach them something they can do with your product or service
  • Get them to like your Facebook Page
  • Open Loops (remember?). Build anticipation for a product launch
  • Start a conversation
  • Get them to download a new ebook you’re giving away (since they’re already in your list)
  • Tell them how to get support from your company ( a happy customer…)
  • Tell them about a new product feature
  • If they just purchased a product from you, offer them a discount on their next purchase in the confirmation email
  • Ask them to share something


As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to have small wins along the way in your overall email strategy.

Here is what we’re going to do:

  1. If you have a sequence of automated emails, review the entire process to identify those opportunities
  2. Think about what kind of campaigns you can send that will deliver those small wins (for example, a survey to learn more from them). Be creative
  3. Establish a clear goal for each of those campaigns. Know exactly what you’re trying to achieve