Stop being so serious…

Let’s forget email to think about Facebook for a second.

When you go on Facebook, you get an overwhelming amount of posts on the news feed, as you start scrolling down you find paid ads, posts from brands or pages you’ve liked in the past, posts from friends and, assuming you’re connected to them, family members (I have a couple of cousins I try avoid…).

Which type of posts do you pay attention first?

Exactly. Then you probably click on some of the post from pages you like (like SocialMouths, right?)

The inbox works the same way.

You receive different types of messages:

  • Work
  • Promotions
  • Invitations to webinars or events
  • Bills
  • Friends

You are familiar with them and can quickly identify them. You then make the decision to open, ignore or delete. In matter of seconds.

These 2 emails are not getting opened, they’ll be archived, but not opened.

subject lines about billing

But emails from your friends are always welcome.

Our goal here then is to write a subject line that feels like a friend sent it.

Important: Just to be clear, I’m not asking you to mislead people, I’m asking you to write in a friendly manner.

Emails from friends and people we know have certain characteristics:

  • All lowered case
  • No title case
  • No punctuation
  • Questions
  • Probably not starting with “How to”

Or in some cases, like my friend Rhonda, no subject line at all… 😉

No subject

Let’s give you some work to do…


  1. Go to your inbox
  2. Pay close attention on how different types of email subjects are written
  3. Look at the characteristics of the subject lines coming from your friends and colleagues
  4. Go back to your previous campaigns and imagine how you would rewrite a subject line to feel more friendly
  5. Do an A/B Test to compare a subject line as you normally write them and one with a more friendlier tone and format