So, you didn’t open my email (Facepalm guaranteed)

This can go 2 different ways. You might think this is dumbest thing in email marketing, ever.

Or you might think “Why didn’t i think of this before?!”

If that’s the case, you’re going to look like this when we’re done with the lesson:

Let’s look at the results of a campaign…

Look at your open rate

23.6% of your subscribers opened your email campaign.

Now, you walk away hoping for a better rate next time, right?


What happens with the 76.4% that didn’t open the email?

You immediately assume the worst, they don’t care, but there are actually a few reasons why people didn’t open the email:

  • It went straight to the spam folder
  • It was blocked by the ISP
  • When it landed on the inbox the person had other 261 emails to go through
  • Your subject line didn’t motivate this person

So, what do you do?

And here comes the dumbest trick on the email marketing book:

Email them again.

Here is the process:

  1. Create a segment of your list
  2. This segment is based on the people that didn’t open a specific campaign
  3. Create a new campaign (different subject line and body)
  4. Send it to this segment

The results

You have to keep in mind that this new campaign is being sent to all the people that didn’t open before, that’s why you should set lower expectations.

BUT… whatever opens, clicks and even a couple of extra sales is all gravy.

Okay, sorry about the panda bear, that was a little mean…

How about one from Mad Men?! 😉

I couldn’t resist it.


For your next campaign:

  1. Write the campaign you are going to send, with its subject line
  2. Write an alternative to that version with a different subject line
  3. Send your campaign
  4. Wait 2 or 3 days
  5. Create your segment with the people that didn’t open
  6. Send the new campaign
  7. Watch the results

If you have a campaign that you sent out a couple of weeks ago, you can try with that one.

Come back to this lesson and share the experience with me.

And that, my friend, wraps up Module 2. I hope you liked it.

See you on Module 3!

  • Denise

    Hi Francisco, I tried the idea of resending the email to a segment that did not open the original email and got an open rate of 9% and a click rate of 2.5%.

    • That’s awesome! What was the open and click rates on the original campaign?

      • Denise

        Great, the Open rate was 37% and the click rate was 12%.

  • Is there a particular type of message where the resending works the best? I’m thinking of launch emails, but what about newsletter messages (like the tip newsletter I’m sending bi-weekly). Should I resend a message every time I mail my list?

    • Timo, I don’t think there is a specific type of email, but I’d definitely try this with the important ones, like promotional messages. I don’t recommend sending this with every newsletter you send out because remember they’re still receiving the first one, it might feel a little too much for them.

  • Very insightful!