Remind them who you are

I said this at the beginning of the module:

People take an average of 3 seconds to decide between opening an email or not.

That’s terrifying, right?

This is why you need to make sure every single element of the preview text is optimized. We talked about the subject line being the main character and the preheader text is one of the supporting roles.

Here is the other supporting role in our story: The “From Name.”

Why is this important

The “From Name” is important because it’s the only indication of who is sending this message.

Branding is important, but it’s visible only when you open the email. In this module, our focus is to get that email opened.

Your brand is inside of the email

The “From Address” is also important, but it’s not usually part of the preview text either.

From address

Decisions, decisions…

The from name then, is one of the 3 elements that recipients rely on to make the decision wether to open or not.

Not only that, it’s the only element that lets your subscriber see who the sender is.

Most people say the decision is based on the subject line, but I can’t tell you how many times I decided to open, ignore or delete an email based on who sent it.

To me, an email coming from Neil Patel from QuickSprout is an automatic open, I don’t even look at the subject line. The same thing happens with a few other folks.

The other thing you should consider is that, in this battle for attention, we can’t expect people to spend any time trying to find out who the sender is. As I mentioned on the video, to me that’s an automatic delete.

How to use the “From Name”

There are 4 ways to use the from name and have your subscribers immediately recognize you:

If you are a personal brand, meaning that people recognize you by your name:

From personal brand

If this is a brand:

From a brand

From a specific department. I know a message coming from “Mailchimp Support” comes to give me a report of how many new subscribers I had that day, but one coming from “Mailchimp Billing” is to notify me that my credit card was charge with the monthly fee, which of course, I don’t open.

From a specific department

A personal touch with the brand:

Brand personal touch

Multiple people from one brand. One Month sends emails promoting their courses, the from name showcases the instructor of the course, but it’s also attached to the brand.

Multiple people from a brand

What not to do

Make sure your from name fits. This following example has a from name, but you really can’t tell exactly where it’s coming from:

Incomplete from name


Very simple:

  1. Go check your From Name
  2. Send yourself a test and see how it displays both on desktop and mobile
  3. Make sure people can immediately recognize you