Are they expecting you?

Are they expecting you? Or you are simply showing up unannounced?

Have you thought about the possible outcomes when people don’t expect you and you decide to show up?

  • Some people will be surprised and happy to see you
  • Others will not be sure what to do with you because they were not expecting you
  • And others will completely miss you, again, they didn’t know you were coming

Remember, we’re talking about a crowded place, like a party. Your inbox is a crowded place.

Let’s take a step back

In the previous lesson, we discussed when is the best time to arrive to the party. Let’s say you already did some testing and have figured out when to send your campaigns to get better results.

This is like TV networks work. Before they decide what day and time they will air a show, they go through extensive data, but once they figured that out, shows air every week, always at the same time.

That’s how you get used to following them.

The Big Bang Theory schedule

In order for people to learn to expect you, and open your emails, there are 2 things you need to do:

1) Timing

Once you decide (after testing) which is the best day and time to send, stick to that.

Important: This doesn’t mean that you will never have to test this again. You’ve probably seen TV shows change their schedules even after being on the air for a couple of seasons. Things change over time.

Chris Brogan has been sending his newsletter on Sundays for years now, and he even tells you in his pitch.

Chris Brogan on Sunday

2) Frequency

It’s very important to establish a rhythm because people also get used to the frequency of your campaigns.

This is why it feels a little weird when you have been sending weekly campaigns for over a year and all of a sudden you send 3 campaigns in 2 days.

Set frequency expectations

How to communicate this

This doesn’t necessarily have to be announced, think about it…

Let’s say I want to sign up to your list probably because I want to learn from you or you’re a leader in my industry. I don’t really care if you send your campaigns on Sundays or Tuesdays.

It’s not like I’m going to say “Hmm, too bad… I’d love to subscribe but they send on Thursdays and I’m busy that day.”

This is done to start setting expectations right from the beginning, it works. But really, people are going to get used to your timing and frequency with time.

Avoid this…

Whatever you do, don’t try to set timing and frequency expectations on your headline, that is not a value proposition or any kind of benefit.

This is not a value proposition or a benefit


You can’t do this homework without first working on figuring out your best timing.

But once you do that:

  1. Decide your day and time to start sending
  2. Stick to that for a while
  3. Track your open rates to see if it increases over time
  4. Should you communicate this in your marketing? Like the examples below…