3 things before you start trying to get more opens

Yes, this module starts with a quick pre-requisite, just so we have some foundation before dropping all this info on you.

We are going to cover everything about how to get more emails opened, so I want you to start with 3 things to have in mind:

1) Goal

You’ll soon see that the main character in this story is the subject line, and you’ve probably heard that the subject can affect not only the open rate but also the CTR and even the conversions.

But, if you’re trying to write a subject line to get clicks and conversion, you’re making a mistake.

The goal of the subject line is one: To get the email opened.

2) Metric

The metric we are going to watch is the “Open Rate.”

This is the only metric we need to determine success.

3) Health

The current health of your list will affect this big time.

Here is what I mean:

  • If you haven’t been sending on a regular basis, your subscribers are not used to getting your emails
  • If you have undeliverable addresses in your list, this will affect not only your delivery rate, but also your open rate
  • If you have subscribers in your list that have been inactive for a while, chances are a percentage of those people will continue to ignore your campaigns

This is why it is very important to maintain a healthy and active list. We have an entire module to cover this ahead in the course.


Remember the first lesson? I asked you to get your conversion rate. In this lesson, I’m going to ask you to do something similar:

Find out what your Open Rate is.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Head over to your ESP
  2. Look for the campaign analytics
  3. Grab the open rate of the last 10 campaigns (If you have fewer campaigns at this point, don’t worry, just get whatever you have)
  4. Get an average of the open rate on those campaigns

Once you have your magic number, come back and share it with me in the comments section below.

  • So, the average for the last 10 campaigns is 54,4%. Let’s make this better!

    • That’s a great open rate, congrats! How big is the list?

      • Thanks! Well, it’s small, about 320 subscribers*. Hope this will change during the summer months.

        * It’s not easy for people in my country to give their emails. That’s why when they do they really care.

  • Jessica Boschen

    For broadcasts, my open rate is 43%. I have fewer than 10 broadcasts, though.

  • Hi Francisco,
    I’m slowly making my way through the first module still and loving it! This is a fantastic course.

    My website was created in WordPress through Elegant themes and I’m hoping to move over to the X theme this summer. But in the mean time I’m trying to work with what I have. It doesn’t look like I have a side bar space on the homepage, so using your tutorial I tried to create a footer bar, which doesn’t look great, but it’s something (not sure how to change that pink font!)…I also put a sign up form in the slider bar a while back, but for obvious reasons, that’s not great either.

    Do you have any advice for how/where to position a sign up form on my homepage that might be more appealing?

    • Looks like the sections “More About Parent Child Connection” and “Recent Blog Posts” are in a widgetized area, see what other options you have for widgets.

      The pink font can be changed in the CSS code. That’s something that can be changed in 30 seconds, I say this in case you have a web designer that can do this for you, it should not be expensive.

      Where to position the signup forms really depends, how does your marketing start? To me for example, everything starts with an email subscription, so the signup form becomes the most important element on my site. If that’s the case, I’d replace that slider for a big signup form.

      One more thing, you’re already with Elegant Themes, I will recommend Divi, I am absolutely loving it. Check it out!

  • My average open rate is just under 20% but I think I do have a lot of cleanup to do in my old list. The real test will be the really targeted list I’m just now building for my Snack Size Marketing platform since that is where I’d like to focus my time and efforts. I’m studying this course so that I can start off right with the email marketing plan before sending messages that never get opened 🙂 And thinking of what I need to send to the old list right now while making the transition.

    • Did you start a new list? I’d keep ’em separate, on one hand to compare and on the other to keep things clean.

      • I did – although it was kinda’ depressing starting from scratch on that list, I want to see real numbers.

  • Lynn Prior


  • The total number of lists I have is 4. Do you think there is a software which could do the data gathering? Thrive Leads?

    • Timo, your ESP should give you this type of information. I’m sure you’ll find that you can get an average for each list, most the most common way to look at open rates is by individual campaigns. You should not need any additional software for this.

      What ESP are you using?

  • When i was sending out emails, open rate was “higher than industry standard” for indie musicians. (Mail Chimp). Though they didn’t often lead to many sales. Can’t remember the specific open rates, and sorry not to have any to share at the moment. I look forward to my upcoming projects on which i will be applying this new information… : )

  • Denise

    Hi Francisco, I averaged 4 campaigns. The number is 29.7%.

  • Denise

    Hi Francisco, I averaged 4 campaigns. The number is 30.7%.

    • Hey Denise, that’s a good open rate. Why are you only averaging 4 campaigns? Did you just get started? The reason I ask is because it would be interesting to see the trend line, if you’re improving.

      • Denise


  • Our open rate continues anywhere between 20% and 24%.

  • Just a quick question … a campaign is same as a sent message? Or how do you define it?

    • It can be, but it really depends on the terminology the ESP uses. It’ll be better if all ESPs were using a universal language, but it’s not the case.

  • Katie Miller

    My average open rate for the last ten campaigns is 29%, but that is not weighted by how many people were in the list for each campaign. The open rates for these same 10 campaigns range all the way from 13% to 71%. The ones with higher open rates are generally sent to a much smaller number of people that have already engaged with our services in some way and are more personalized.

  • I have a very small list so the average is between 50% to 75%, but based on a tiny list.

    • Yaritza, it’s normal to have higher open rates on smaller lists, but you still have to do a good job. So, congrats!