Using Landing Pages to get Email Subscribers

Landing pages are great to get email subscribers for 4 reasons:

1) You can expand

Most signup forms are small, you don’t have a lot of real estate to expand on the offer. The landing page gives you all the space you want to add elements like graphics, video or sales copy.

2) Promotion

You can use a landing page to send all the traffic coming from different places, a tweet, a Facebook ad, etc.

The following image is an example of a Facebook ad sending traffic to my free course landing page:

Facebook ad to free course landing page

3) Full control

You own and control a landing page because it’s not on rented land, even if you’re using a service, you can still do whatever you want with it.

4) Easy to create

Anybody can create a landing page. Services like Lander, Unbounce or LeadPages offer drag-and-drop editors so you don’t need a designer or a programmer to create one.

Chances are you can even create one on your own site without any help.

In the following 3 videos, I’ll show you how to create a landing page on Lander and on Unbounce, I’ll show you how to integrate with your email service provider and I’ll show you how to create one on your site.

How to create a Landing Page with Lander

How to create a Landing Page with Unbounce

How to create a Landing Page within your own site

Landing Page services


Create your first landing page:

  1. Start by exploring the different services and decide which one to use
  2. Design and publish the page
  3. Promote it so you can some traffic on that page

I want you to add a link to your new landing page in the comments below so we can take a look and maybe give you some feedback.

Also, I want to recommend PageFights, a site created by the guys at Unbounce and ConversionXL where they take real landing pages people submit and they critique them on video. You’ll get some very good points out of it.

  • Denise

    Hi Francisco, what to do you think about the idea of redirecting visitors to your website to a custom page, once they complete the signup process? My thank you page is a Leadpage and has a link to my home page. After going over this lesson, I think I should be directing them somewhere else, not sure where …

    • To me, the only goal at that point is to get that subscription completed, the question then is how to get there. I’ve seen some good approaches with LeadPages, like this one…

      • Denise

        My question is what to do after they complete the process? They are still on my website on the thank you page.

        • Well, it depends…

          If you’re delivering an ebook or access to a course, this is the place to do it. I’m also asking people to whitelist me, which is very important for the health of your list and the delivery rate down the road.

          I have even asked for a like on my Facebook Page as a secondary goal.

          The important thing is that this is not a dead end, you always tell them what to do next.

  • Hola Francisco, I watched the video tutorial for creating a landing page on WP. I used the code from MailChimp to add the sign-up form but you can’t really enter any names or email. Basically the fill in the blanks don’t show up. I did place the code straight on the page (the one for code). So, my question is the following: Does my template need to have a widget specifically for embedding the code for sign-up forms. I checked with MailChimp and they give some instructions to change the code I tried but still won’t work. I have the Adelle template which is very basic.
    I hope you can bring me some light to this. Thank you. Very please with lessons on the first module and 6.

    • You should be able to use the code on any page/post without having to use a widget.

      Sorry to ask this but I want to get it out of the way… When you’re on the page editor to add your code, are you doing it on “Visual” or “Text”? (top right corner of the editor). When you add code you have to do it on “text” view.

      • Yes, I pasted the code on the Text view. When I click to visual editor it looks fine, but when I preview the page the field for entering the name and email don’t show up.

  • I had linked to my new landing page on another subsection of Module 1, now realizing this is a better location for it —

    Any feedback would be appreciated!

    • Love it! What are you using, LeadPages?

      • Thanks!

        It’s actually just a blank page in WordPress that I added my own design to, block by block with some of the module options within a theme builder.

        Didn’t have to touch any code other than inserting some tracking pixels into the header, which helped a lot. I was able to write the copy, build the page, get the forms set up and everything else in an afternoon.

        The opt in forms are with the Thrive Leads plugin, although other than the button and actual form fields, I used a completely stripped blank style so that it fit with the look of the landing page.