Using Guest Blogging to Get Subscribers

So you wrote a guest post for an important blog in your industry.

You’re getting in front of someone else’s audience, an audience that is perfectly aligned with what you do.

Now, you’re hoping to get some highly targeted traffic back to your site.

How are you going to welcome those folks? Hmm… I see that smile on your face is starting to look more like a big question mark…

What if instead of having these people land on the homepage of your site or blog, you welcome them with a custom experience?

Custom Page

Creating a page on your site couldn’t be any easier in 2015. You don’t even need a designer or a programmer.

Instead of including a link to the homepage in the author bio of the post, you include a link to this custom page.

The goal of the custom page is to:

  • provide a great user experience with a customized welcome message
  • stay within the context of a specific topic (The one you wrote about on the guest post)
  • offer a ton of value right from the start (free ebook)
  • get a subscriber

What if I write for many blogs?

Here are a few tips if you write for more than a few blogs in your industry:

  • Measure the traffic coming from them to focus on the ones that give you more and eliminate the rest
  • Once you create one custom page, you can use it as a template to replicate and simply change a few elements to keep the user experience relevant
  • Keep your signup form code in an easy to access doc so you don’t have to go to your ESP every time
  • Check your conversion tracking on Google Analytics to figure out which blogs are giving you more subscribers


Create a custom page. Keep it simple:

  • Custom headline to welcome visitor
  • Add value (give away your freebie)
  • Your signup form
  • A link to continue to the blog if they want to skip

I’ve also seen people add a few links to posts that are related to the topic, I prefer to keep things at a minimum, without too many choices that might confuse the reader.

Once you’ve created your first custom page, post a link in the comments below, I want to take a look. 😉

  • Hi. So it looks like here you’re creating a new WordPress page rather than a landing page through Bloom, etc. I assume you could accomplish the same thing with a landing page? Also, in WordPress, how do you keep this custom page from showing up in your hierarchy on the website so that it only shows up for people who come there from the Social Media link? Do you make it a private page? Thx.

    • Hi Jonelle, it’s a simple page, the reason you don’t see it in the navigation is because I’m using custom menus, which any WP site can do now. My site, for example, has many pages you don’t see.

      • Ah, OK. And is this simply an alternative to using an outside / 3rd party landing page? or … why might it be better to create a custom page on your site for this purpose? – thx!

        • You can definitely use a 3rd-party service, my only concern will be to provide the visitor with a smooth transition between the guest post, which lives on another blog, and your site.