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The Ultimate Email Marketing Course

Grow your email list faster, keep your subscribers engaged and turn them into customers over and over again.

Email is 40 times better at acquiring customers than Facebook and Twitter combined

Email is like The Rolling Stones. Yes, they’re both old as hell, let’s just say it.

In social media, they have only a fraction of the popularity other artists enjoy today, but when it comes to sales, The Rolling Stones are one of the only bands in the world that can sell out big arenas like nothing…

According to a customer acquisition study by McKinsey & Co, email marketing converts almost 40x higher than Facebook and Twitter combined!

This is why many people and businesses that put their focus only on social media are spinning their wheels when it comes to capturing qualified prospects, build meaningful relationships and making actual sales.

But, why is email much more effective?

  • There are almost 4 billion email accounts today
  • 78% of email messages reach the inbox (Compare that to how many of your fans see your posts on Facebook)
  • The lifespan of a social media post is very short while an email stays in the inbox
  • The average ROI of $1 spent on email is $44.25
  • 77% prefer email to receive promotional content while only 4% prefers Facebook
  • Consumers engage with an average of 11 brands through email daily

I wanted to create a course that can truly affect the growth of your business.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to grow your email list
  • How to get your emails opened
  • How to engage with your prospects to build strong relationships
  • How to keep your list healthy (and don’t end up in the Spam Folder)
  • How to segment your list to send relevant campaigns
  • How to set autoresponder sequences to automate your marketing and sales
  • How to send mobile-friendly campaigns
  • How to test your campaigns before sending to your entire list
  • What metrics to watch, when and why to measure success

These are the same techniques I use to generate 60% of my revenue via the inbox.

What’s included in the course

More than 40 lessons with videos, assigned homework and tons of downloadable worksheets.


Module 1

How to grow your email list faster

We cover everything about getting subscribers, how to track your conversion rate, how to grow your list inside and outside of your site, how to create the perfect signup form, passive and aggressive acquisition.


Module 2

Getting Your Emails Opened

What good is it to grow a list if your subscribers aren’t opening your emails? Here we look at tips to write seductive subject lines, the perfect length, good and bad words, best times to send and everything to get your emails opened.


Module 3

Engagement inside the Inbox

We’re not talking open and click rates here, we’re talking the kind of engagement that gets you in conversations to build relationships with your prospects inside the inbox. How to get responses, how to get your subscribers to take action.


Module 4

Keep a Healthy List (And Avoid the Spam Folder)

You don’t want to end up in the spam folder and affect your delivery rate, get blocked or even blacklisted. Here we focus on growing a high-quality list. How to keep it clean, get whitelisted, eliminate the deadbeats and avoid the spam folder.


Module 5

How to Segment Your Email List

I’ll give you a clear understanding of what segmentation is so you can create a strategy that makes sense for your business and send the right campaigns to the right people at the right time. Yup, segmentation is beautiful man!


Module 6

How to set your automation on fire

Autoresponders are not just the welcome message, it’s a powerful tool you can use to build email sequences to launch products, onboard subscribers and users, create email courses and even set automation to make sales while you sleep.


Module 7

Go Mobile or Die

More than 50% of emails are now opened on mobile devices, are you sending email-friendly campaigns? In this module, we go deep on how to go mobile without having to hire a designer. You’ll be able to do this yourself!


Module 8

Testing Your Campaigns Before Sending

There is no reason you should send out any campaigns without testing them first. Learn how to effectively do split testing, when to do it and what to test to get better open and engagement rates.


Module 9

How to Measure Success

Analytics can be a little confusing and overwhelming, in this module you’ll learn how to measure success by observing specific metrics depending on the type of campaign you’re sending, and ignoring the useless metrics.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What you’ll find in this course is the exact same formula and techniques we use ourselves and have used with our clients to implement a successful email marketing strategy. We are confident you will be happy with it.

But if for any reason, you feel you didn’t get enough value, we have a 30-day policy to refund 100% of your investment, no questions asked. That’s how confident we are in what we’re delivering here.

But, who is this Dude?

Hey. I’m Francisco Rosales, founder and author of the award-winning blog SocialMouths. In this course, I share the same techniques I use in my own business and for my clients to grow a healthy email list and turn subscribers into customers, over and over again.

You know how they say “the money is in the list”? Well, it’s true…


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